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Let us help you sell your house in a quick and simple way. You'll get a fair offer- You choose the closing date. We pay all the closing costs!

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Love to Build & Renovate?

We would love to help you find an amazing place to fix and love or fix and flip. Let us connect you with the movers and shakers in your area to make your goals a reality.

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If you love to buy homes, we would love to work with you to find your gems in the rough! Let's talk about your interests and how we may be able to assist.

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If you are selling your home or know someone who is struggling to sell, let us know. We would be happy to assess and see if there is a way we can help.


Initial Intake Call

We gather information and begin to prepare an offer for you.

Walk Through

We'll come to do a walk through of your home- We Buy as is!

Offer & Closing

We will present you with a written, hassle-free, no obligation offer. If you accept, we will close with our title company in as little as 7 days.

Let's Compare!

Commission Costs

With an Agent: On average, expect about 6% of your final sale price to go toward agent commission.

Bella Terra: We are buying directly, so there are no commissions to contend with.

Who Pays Closing Costs?

With an Agent: Put aside about 2% of your final sale price to be used towards closing costs.

Bella Terra: We will happily take care of all closing fees. Our experience has allowed us to streamline the process, cutting time and costs.

Inspection & Financing Contingency:

With an Agent: If using traditional financing, yes. And keep in mind, up to 15% of sales fall through.

Bella Terra: No. Because you are selling directly, without banks involved, this is not necessary.

Appraisal Needed?

With an Agent: If your buyer uses traditional financing, the lender will require an appraisal of the home

Bella Terra: Not required. We are buying direct, no appraisal needed.

Average Days Until Sold:

With an Agent: Depends on your market. It can take weeks or even months depending on the property.

Bella Terra: We will give you an immediate offer. And can close in 7 days.

Number of Showings:

With an Agent: Unknown. Hopefully, many people come to see your house!

Bella Terra: 1 (Just us when we are putting together your offer.)

Closing Date:

With an Agent: After dealing with the red tape of financing, the actual close date can be anywhere between 30 and 60 days after you accept the offer7 days after you accept our offer, or on the day YOU choose! You DO NOT need to move right away. We want a smooth and stress-free transition for you!

Who Pays For Repairs?

With an Agent: Potential buyers will have an inspection done, then will have quotes prepared for repair costs. You can expect to have to negotiate these costs.

Bella Terra: We do. We buy as is, you won’t have to fix or clean up anything!

Which option will be the best one for you?

A listing will most likely give you a higher sale price. However, after factoring in the costs as well as taxes, insurance, and utility costs while you are waiting for a sale, you might find the prices to be more comparable than expected!  Are you ready to sacrifice time and money for a potentially higher sales price? Only you can answer that question, and we hope to help you make the most thought out, well-informed decision possible!

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